16 March 2016

Yes, Joey on Piano, but…

Joey on piano? Yes! But at the world theater.

I was late to be aware of an excellent Indonesian talent in music, Joey Alexander. The moment I heard about this young jazz pianist was that leading to the Grammy Award event in Los Angeles. When I mentioned about Joey’s nomination to my kids, they just laughed at me; stating the obvious---the out-of-date dad.

That said, my stumbling upon Joey was just by accident browsing about on youtube. I was trying to find some jazzy music by Tompi. I did found one video, Tompi singing his song Sedari Dulu at University of Indonesia’s Jazz Goes To Campus, November 2012.  And, there it was---Joey on piano. 

Everything was still so innocent, I should say. Tompi introduced that giant talent in tiny body as just “a little boy who can play piano”. He called him as just by “Joey on piano”.

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09 September 2015

A Restart

In the name of Allah,

May we be granted God's forgiveness, an open heart to salvation, a right path toward Him, a self committed to acceptance and introspection.

 A long journey to travel in, a step to start, a strong heart. Inshaa Allah...

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