16 March 2016

Yes, Joey on Piano, but…

Joey on piano? Yes! But at the world theater.

I was late to be aware of an excellent Indonesian talent in music, Joey Alexander. The moment I heard about this young jazz pianist was that leading to the Grammy Award event in Los Angeles. When I mentioned about Joey’s nomination to my kids, they just laughed at me; stating the obvious---the out-of-date dad.

That said, my stumbling upon Joey was just by accident browsing about on youtube. I was trying to find some jazzy music by Tompi. I did found one video, Tompi singing his song Sedari Dulu at University of Indonesia’s Jazz Goes To Campus, November 2012.  And, there it was---Joey on piano. 

Everything was still so innocent, I should say. Tompi introduced that giant talent in tiny body as just “a little boy who can play piano”. He called him as just by “Joey on piano”.

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08 November 2007

Truly, Asia is Indonesia


It is coming soon. You can have plenty of things to do. But, travelling to Indonesia may be one of best choices there is.

Yes, I am saying this because I am an Indonesian. But, if you have visited the country, you know what I mean. Even if you haven't, this is a valid invitation.

The thing is, 2008 is also a good timing since the Department of Tourism and Culture set it as the Visit Indonesia Year. You can always access its website for updates.

In fact, this coming year is also pledged as the Visit West Sumatera Year. I have been visiting to many countries before, seeing the beauty of many cities, but stopping by in Bukittingi or Maninjau Lake in West Sumatera is always my opted preference. You can explore the possibilities there.

What about security? In case you ask, that is so much a cliche rather than a fact. It is safe. Than again, the world is

People should avoid New York if 9/11 is the barometer. Or London, Madrid, Jerusalem, Bombay, Bangkok and what not.

Bali? Just recently the US Embassy in Jakarta released a confirmation that the Ngurah Rai airport in Bali is safe and comply to international security aviation standard.

What I am saying is that it is due for any world citizen to retake the joy of exotic Indonesia anytime.

Truly, it is Indonesia that is Asia. Others, you say?

You will find out yourself that what is wrapped and sold with a price elsewhere may just be a tiny cultural parcel abundantly available in Indonesia.

I tell you this, if someone sell you another person's treasures, what else you can make of it except...?

Indonesia is the largest archipelago in the world. It is a very big country, very diverse and colorful. Saying just that already a proof of so many good things.

2008 is the Visit Indonesia Year.

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